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 Magina Guide

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PostSubject: Magina Guide   Magina Guide Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 7:13 pm

Magina, The Anti-Mage

Magina is one of the most difficult heroes to master with and make the "OMPH", but once you know how to maneuver him, he is a killing machine. Because of his mana burn melee heroes would be hesitant to come near you and this is a passive kind of harassment.
He makes heroes over grown creeps. Playing with the anti-mage is not easy as he has probably the least HP in the whole hero list for a melee hero. But his skills make up for that, he is a predator and all his skills support that. Magina’s low HP is justifiable as he has the best skill in the game to escape from virtually any situation.

Game Play
Skill Build
Item build
Friends and Foes


High starting agility and per level gain
Good attack animation
amplified damage because of mana burn
High attack speed
Ability to control the enemy’s mana

Very low strength and strength gain, means very low hp and item dependant
A feeding stock if you dnt play clever with him.


Mana Break:

Used for
1. Burning mana. i.e depriving enemy from the ability to cast spells.
2. amplified damage.. hp damage = 60% of mana burnt, there for usefull through out the game
3. preparing an enemy turky for void
4. Magina needs to be built around mana burn. mana is burnt on every attack, so attack speed for the anti mage is crucial. This guide would be built around that concept

This skill which defines the anti-mage and is also the skill cuz of which your opponents won’t come near you and would try to stay away from your enchanted blade.
This is an ORB EFFECT, Remember don’t try and get any item on Magina which says "ORB EFFECT".
This skill is the one to be maxed up the earliest, there are a few magina players who think that only taking level one is enough as your opponents would not know what level it is and is good way to keep them at a distance from you. Remember, all of Magina’s skills and abilities encourage him to face the opponent and kill him,


The infamous surprise

used for.
1. ganking
2. surprise
3. Escaping

DONT use it only to escape, donot level it up fast thinking it is help ful to escape. A magina fleeing from battle is not good for himself or the team.

Remember to use the blink very wisely early on, when it is not leveled up max, it is a sad scene if you blink in to gank or pursue an enemy only to discover another hero coming in and kicking your ass, initially blink should be kept handy only to be used in,

Blink if used wisely, can be used to full effect with skill level 2, and you can upgrade your other skills initially, but that depends on your opponents and their game play.

1. If an enemy hero is very low on hp and you think he can be killed in 2 or 3 hits, then blink in front of him so that he has to move around you while running and that would give you the time to give him 3 hits.
2. If you are in a bad situation, blink over a hurdle so that the enemy cannot pursue you.

I think it is some times wise to only have a level one blink taken at the start of the game and then upgrade once break and shield are maxed (shield should be prefferd over blink leveling if there are a lot of spell casters in the opponent team

Spell shield:

Magina’s own and improved hood of defiance. stops 40% magical damage.
Again use it as an offensive item.

There are two approaches to the shiled.
1. to keep you safe from spells
2. "let them hit me with magic and when they are down on mana i would make them pay for what they tried" USE VOID .. LOL.
keep to the second statment. use this passive as an offensive skill, any good intelligence enempy player would not like to waste his spells on you or even cast them on your ally in your presence

Mana Void:

Damages in relation to mana pool missing on the target
Damage dealt to the primay unit would also be dealt in an AoE
Extremely useful in team battles

An ulti most use full against heroes with a big mana pool, deals damage to heroes depending upon the missing mana in their pool, a very short stun but AOE DAMAGE, yes yes yes.... in a team battle always use this on a hero with a lot of mana missing and a high man pool,.... Kaboom, the total damage to the primary target would be dealt in a small radius. yes you can get a double or may be a tripple kill with this..


My approach for the anti mage is

Enemy stats

Magina has high agility and high attack speed, his passive mana burn is on every hit and it amplifies damage (60% of man burnt for heroes). Through out the game our built should be to increse the attack speed and increase the amount of mana burnt.

Essentials for a good anti mage

1. knowing your enemy. cntrl +1 your hero so you have a short key for him, always know the mana pool of your enemy by clicking on him. This takes a lot of pratice so work on it.
2. Attak speed, we need to make sure that the mage hits the enemy as much as he can, so that max mana is burnt.
3. Deception. Blink, manta and spell shield would be used as our deception.

Mana break is more effective early and mid game.

Lane choice: Donot solo in the mid, the best lane for the antimage is TOP, have a stunner or ranged hero with you to keep the enemy at a distance.

Farm: Farm like your life depends on it and IT DOES. Do not give away easy kills to the enemy. Infact just try and not die before level 12, cuz if you die even with the most powerful escape spell, you are ought to be laughed at.

always kill the enemy ranged creep first as it has mana and you can finish him off in a couple of hits. Jungling, same rule kill the neutrals with mana as they are more easy for you to kill, there are less chances of you getting ganked in the jungle, as you can always blink away from an ambush, remeber to blink over a hurdle/ tree etc.

Team Player:
1.Magina is not a very good team player initially, no stun, no disable.
2. Early on give a couple of hits an enemy hero in your lane, so that they stay back and farm less
3.if you want to be a good team player in a game thenn do one thing "DONOT FEED THE OPONENTS FOOLISHLY" save yourself, maginas potential comes mid game. which is the most crucial time

The only way you are good for team initially is mana burn, so that the enemy cannot cast spells on you, but remeber almost all spell casters are ranged so initially you would not stand a good chance against them.
Dnt try to get into trouble trying to save a fried from an ambush, you cannot do that with out manta and a level 4 blink. so dnt give enemies double kills by foolishly jumping in trying to be a hero.

Once you get the manta and have a level 4 blink, you can do that DONOT TRY THIS AT HOME.. FOR PROS ONLY blink in, make illusions, stay there for 5 secnds and blink away, your ally should be able to run by now. LOL and again, i say keep a look out for the enemy mana pool, if some one has a big difference in mana do use your ulti for kills, remeber a lot of spells are used in an ambush so use that to ur advantage.


then ofcource start taking stats and get level 3 of your ulti.

Spell buildup can be changed as per the requirement but always get the break maxed out first, blink and shiled is where you can put in preference, but as a rule of thumb have blink at level one and another level should be taken before level 10.


Start with

ring of basilius (ring of protection + sobi mask) and tangoes

Core Items for AntiMage

1. Power Treads
2. Vladimir Offering
3. Yasha --> Manta

after this you would have 3 slots left, you can use any of the following items or use your own imagination , but never ever ever compromise on Manta, powertreads and Vlads

situational items
Monkey king bar:

luxury items:
preserverance --> linkens

Explanation of items:

Power tread,
Required for;
attack speed
move speed
ability to use them as per situation, i.e inteli, agi or stength moeds

complete the power treads in the following order
belt of giant strength ( will give you some hp early on)
gloves of haste
boots of speed

Once the power treads are made, its better to keep them in strength mode and then change to agility when the need is,

Strength mode on antimage
+10 strength = 190 HP, and increased regen
+25 attack speed
+60 movement speed

Agility mode on the anti-mage+10 agility= +10 damage, +armour,+10 attack speed +25 attack speed (in addition to the 10 by agility so total of +35)
+ 6o movement speed

i prefer to keep them in strength till i make the valads

Valadammir Offering:
gives you
1. Life steal, very important for our fragile anti mage friend. and with the emphysis we are giving to attack speed, this would realy work like a Heart for you
2. damage aura.
3. Brilliance aura

you already have the ring of basilius, get the following in the sequence
ring of regeneration ( from a mercenary shop)
scroll of vlads
mask of death, we take scroll first so that we can complete the vlads from a mercenary shop and donot have to come back to base and wastre time. mask is the last item to get for Vlads

gives you life steal with out orb, damage inc. mana regen and +5 armor.. very good item on magina. This will remain a core item as it has auras and increases damage as a percentage, so the item keeps on evolving with an evolving magina.

(2300)[blades of alacrity (1000) and boots of elvenskin (500) + the scroll(800)]

Gives you +10% movement speed, 16 agility and +15 ATTACK SPEED, so anti mage gets a total of
418 movement speed once yasha is taken along with the power treads
Another +16 damage
Another +31 attack speed
And additional armor


Get the ultimate orb, for 2100 and get the manta recipe scroll for anther 500 and your prime item the manta is with you, once you have manta, there are very few heroes or players who can stop you.

Manta gives additional

+10 strength
+10 agility
+10 intelligence

and 2 illusions for deception and mana burn. the images do less physical damage but the amount of mana burn remains the same so does the damage from mana burn.

YASHA/MANTA are the heart and core item for the anti mage, they should never be compromised

Situational Items

Black King Bar

+10 Strength
+24 damage
Avatar (active)

If the oponent team has a lot of disablers/ stunners, you would really need this item, and then this should be made BEFORE BUTTERFLY. When it has been used 5 times its least duration is 5 seconds which is also the cooldown for your blink. Remember we talking about attack speed and mana burn,and if the enemy stuns you and you cant attack, your game game plan will fail real bad, you need to attack to get kills, get HP and get multiple kills, so in case of a lot of disablers in oposite team this is your only chance,gank in go AVATAR and burn as much mana as you can.. use void.. and i tell you this will give you kills a lot of them. first use avatar, and then illusions if you have both

Monkey king bar:

+80 damage
+15 attack speed
True Strike (passive)
Mini-Bash (passive)

Ever heard of evasion or seen "miss" while palaying, well most of your oponenets would try and get some items to avaoid your enchanted blade, counter it with the great MKB. Must have item to counter enemies like troll, mortred and P.brewmaster

Luxury items,
well I am sure you wont reach to this stage very ofter, but if this stage comes, it means 2 things, the game is very long now, so oponenets are also leveled up then you have the choice of the following luxury items as well

Luxury Items

Well butterfly is always the main and blessed item for an agilaity hero as it gives,
+30 agility= (+30 damage, + 30 attack speed and + 4 armor)
+30 additional damage
+30 additional attack speed
+ 30 evasion

get the items in the following order,

1st get the tallisman of evasion. very important for the anti mage
2nd get the quarter staff , for damage and attack speed
3rd do some killing and get the eagle horn.. (Damn this is one expensive item)
Butterfly: (6000) [evasion (1800)+quarterstaff(900) + eagle horn (3300)]

manta gives 2 illusions so you have another 66% chance that the enemy would hit your illusions, + 30% evasion for you from butterfly. So lads "DECEPTION" is the key here.

BUTTERFLY = IMBA anti mage = ownage


Bad enemies:

Intelligent heroes are you best preys but early on they can out match you.

Getting out of a tough time is easy for the anti mage, so become selfish when your team is ganked and you know the outcome, look for the enemy hero with the highest mana pool missing, use void if the tide can be changed, stay in the battle other wise blink away, get a certificate of selfishness from your mates, and laugh, but play well and show them that you were right. Manta is the key.

Remeber, no hero can own a good anti mage, always know your enemy, his inventory. use your mana burn, your manta and if the time is dire.... BLINK

Obsedian destroyer:Now once he is made he is IMBA, cannot uise void on him, cuz every now and then he will get back to sull mana, if he uses ulti you are a goner, gank him and DONOT let him farm dnt attack him alone untill u have evasion or manta.

Huskar, early on if he is in the same lane as you are, change your lane, he is ranged and he can kill you EASILY!!!!

Mortred, early on she is not a big challenge, but once she has been made and her crits are going up and fast, she is a bad bitch, if she has been made properly, avoid her at any stage any level, cuz the anti mage cannot beat a well made mortred alone, the best ploy is to not let her get gold and levels easy, hunt her in the start or the game is over for you and your mates, infact I may dare say that a well developed mortred cannot be beaten one on one by any hero in the game.

Remember always use your blink intelligently, cuz it would save your life and also get you kills, so if you have blink available any bad situation could be out run


mana vampires are good friends for void
Stunners/ disablers are good so that you may eat as much mana as possible

I will add pitures and some replays to make it more "EYE friendly"


PIEMONGER (i donot knw who he is, but im sure he is the ultimate guru on Antimage, it was after reading his guide I started to use "blink infront of an escaping hero" technique, and its good )
gwho (for his guide on "writing a guide",
Armymen for his great artwork, (also used in this guide, though i miss the cutie pandas on his blades)
My fellow pubbers, who banned me playing anti mage
Garena players who still kick my ass sometimes
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PostSubject: Re: Magina Guide   Magina Guide Icon_minitimeMon Mar 15, 2010 2:47 pm

dami mo alam haha What a Face
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malamang copy paste, gagu ka pag nakita to nang orig writer, pde ka pakulong

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PostSubject: Re: Magina Guide   Magina Guide Icon_minitime

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Magina Guide
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